• Jun 30, 2024 from 10:30am to 2:30pm
  • Location: Melbourne around to Heidelberg
  • Latest Activity: Jun 29


Hi foilks, we've cancelled / postponed this ride due to the antarctic blast. Stay warm tomorrow.


We want 20 bikes on this ride. New members, all members, suitable for all Vespa. Bring your classic.

We'll finish for lunch in Ivanhoe at a warm place - La Porchetta.

It's a short ride and we hope to skip or weave around the rain. If it's too rainy then we'll postpone the ride.

Melbourne once had a wonderful Yarra Trail winding all the way from the city to Heidelberg, the bushland home of the Heidelberg art school.  It has since been cut by highways and freeways, but most of the sections are still there. Join me for a ride along the trail. It's suitable for all Vespa and rider experience. There will be plenty of stops along the way so 'bring your Kodak'. This ride is a slow one and is suitable for all Vespa and rider experience. 

Meeting from 10 am for coffee at 

CAFE EXCELLO 99 Spring St, Melbourne or the cafe around the side if Excello is full <MAP>

9096749062?profile=RESIZE_710xCnr Sping and Little Collins Street right in the City! Opposite Adam Lyndsay Gordon Statue. Park around the Parliament Station stairs, Hotel Windsor corner, or across the road with Adam. There's an alternative cafe just behind Excello if it's full. That's where we'll probably be.

 Depart at 10.30 AM


We'll then travel through the city to meet the Yarra, the boatsheds for the classic Melbourne photo, along the Yarra, stopping at Little Audrey still skipping away, the Yarra Boulevard. Have you ever seen the Yarra at full capacity? We might divert divert for a look at Dights Falls in full splendour. Then old Heidelberg which still features an original stretch of trail. We'll then stop at the Heide Art Gallery for a short walk around the riverside park there before heading to La Porchetta in Ivanhoe for lunch.

Please join us. 


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     Unfortunately, I can't make it 😢  I am having my third "time lucky" eye surgery this week,

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