8878760872?profile=RESIZE_710xJoining the Vespa Club of Melbourne is easy.  And membership is not just restricted to Melbourne residents. If you live around Melbourne or in country Victoria, then your participation in the club is most welcome.

Members are also issued with a membership card which entitles them to discounts at businesses and organisations around Melbourne. The list of our friendly discounters is growing, so we would hope that your membership fee is returned to you over a year.

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The Vespa Club of Melbourne has four categories of membership and eligibility.


Full Membership  $50

Full Members own and ride a Vespa motor scooter, that is a Vespa manufactured by Piaggio, or under licence by Piaggio, and originally sold with the Vespa brand. They receive a Club Members kit, have voting rights on club business, and may hold positions on the committee


Partner Membership  $25

Partner Members are the spouses and partners of Full Members who ride a scooter who wish to participate in Club activities as a pillion rider. Partner members can attend all Club activities accompanying their Full Member partner. Partner members receive a Club Members kit, can attend subsidised special events, but do not have voting rights in regards to Club business and are unable to hold positions on the Committee.


Corporate Membership  $200

Corporate Members are businesses or organisations who are directly associated with the promotion and preservation of the Vespa motor scooter. The Vespa Club of Melbourne will display Corporate Members on its website and publications and promote the Corporate Member to the wider scooter community. The organisation nominates an individual to represent the organisation within the Club. Corporate Members, through their representative, do not have any voting rights in regards to Club business, and are unable to hold positions on the committee.

 1957 Club Membership  $10 one off

1957 Club Members belonged to the original Vespa Club of Melbourne that existed between 1957 and 1975, and who are no longer riding. 1957 Club Members receive a Club members kit, can participate in Club social activities, but do not have voting rights in regards to Club business and are unable to hold positions on the Committee.

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How you can join?

The easiest way to join is online here.