• Feb 14, 2024 from 7:15pm to 8:30pm
  • Location: Will's Batch - 225 Nelson Pl, Williamstown VIC 3016
  • Latest Activity: Feb 14

Roses are Red, Voilets are Blue, Gelato and Vespa, a match for you, two !!

Oh my goodness !! 

Our summer season, gelato gatherings continues with a get yourself to Will's Batch Ice Cream in Williamstown. One of four stores around Melbourne with sublime reviews and handmade, small batch using high quality ingedients. Should not dissapoint.  Views to the city along the promanade. 

For peeps scootering from the east and south use King Street and Dynon Road as Wurranjuri Way remains closed.

Not bad !!     surprised      See you there!

About the Gelato Gathering.  
The idea came out of desire to ride every day and to enjoy the longer daylight and great riding weather over summer. The initial concept wavered between Wednesday and Thursday and this year we'll stick to Wednesday and if the weather forecast and radar show as horific and dangerous, we may cancel at short notice. Please feel free to put up a ride to your local favourite, no need to consult, just do it !!

Gelato locations to be considered this season include: Gelato UNOU (tick)Seaford,  Luna Blu Elsterwick (tick) Piccolina Hardware Lane (tick), Messina Richmond (tick) and gems I've heard about Cono Gelateria (tick) near Resevoir Lake, Williamstown, Yarraville and Miinot Coburg and Fluffy Torpedo (tick), what the!!  Let me know your fave and we'll get there soon.

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    You know how the conversation goes when your mention to your significant other that I'm going to a Gelato night then you get the death stare, and a friendly reminder what day it is.

    So I'm a non starter 



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