Australian Vespa Days is an event organized by the Vespa Club of Australia and affiliated clubs

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There are two organized rides planned for the Friday 24th. They will be repeated the next day with the addition of three more, making five organized rides leaving from Apex park on the Saturday. Of course, if you prefer not to take part in organized rides, you can plan your own ride with friends around these routes at any time. GO TO SATURDAY RIDE-OUTS >

For all rides:

You must have a full tank of fuel at departure.

They are capped at 40 Vespa.

Read the descriptions carefully. Choose a ride that matches your riding experience and needs.

Be at the Assembly Area at Apex Park 15 minutes prior to the departure time.


Friday 12.00 Noon

1. A 'Taste' of the Region

This ride will be repeated on the Saturday

Have lunch prior to departure

Cap: 40 Vespa

Duration. 3 Hours. 117 Kms. Return approx 3 PM

Led By:  GTS300ie

Speed: Speed limits

10933901087?profile=RESIZE_400xThis ride takes us through the fertile floodplains of the Ovens River before heading to the hills. There are sections of flat, straight roads and some nice bends and hills. On route we will stop at four produce retailers for a small 'taste' of the region. There will be time to explore Beechworth and maybe try one of the many cafe's at your leisure, with an option to return with us to Wangaratta or return in your own time.

View and download the route

Please start the ride with a full tank. There is an option to refuel at Beechworth. All roads are sealed, however access roads to properties are compacted gravel (approximately 3 kms). Please bring some cash for if you are tempted to purchase some of the local products. 


Friday 12.30 PM

2. Art Silo Ride

This ride will be repeated on the Saturday 

Cap: 40 Vespa

Duration 3.5 hours. 128 Kms. Return approx 4 PM

Led By: PX200

Speed: Average 80 kph

10928899080?profile=RESIZE_400xA leisurely western plains ride to three major works at the small towns of St.James, Devenish, and Goorambat. The small chapel in Gooroombat is also a must see, and there's a small donation box inside the front door - please give in exchange for your photos. As well as the reward of some amazing artwork, we'll break up the straight country roads with a swing through the Warby ranges and past the Winton Wetlands to finish in the historical town of Glenrowan, just south of Wangaratta. There'll be a short food and coffee stop in Gooroombat at the Veterans Retreat / Diggers Wife Cafe.

View and download the route

All roads are sealed. There isn't fuel available out there, but the range is easily within the capacity of most Vespa. If in doubt, then carry extra fuel.


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