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At 5:27 on December 10, 2018,
Lisa L

Thank you to everyone who participated in Around the Bay ride yesterday.

Well Done !

An awesome Swarm 

A special thank you to Julie, Greg, Ira, Stefan, Tufan, and all the cornermarkers.

Looking forward to 150 Vespa’s buzzing around the Bay next year .

At 21:17 on December 6, 2018,

Hi Andrew. Pre order should not be a problem at that time. We’ll be there from 7. We are pre ordering for the Geelong crew who will arrive 745. 

At 18:51 on December 6, 2018,
Andrew Willersdorf

Hi Greg & Julie,

I can help as a corner marker from Yarraville to Chelsea - if that helps. We can confirm at Yarraville over coffee. mmmmm. Regards Andrew Yellow GTS 300 SS :-)

At 11:22 on November 9, 2011,

Hi there Paul --- glad to see you're still with us.

At 8:02 on November 9, 2011, Pancrazio said…

Hi everyone...l am still alive and riding..but busy with work obligations.  I have no idea if my comments about aerials and fox tails have been getting through...have sent them to the Vespa club but where in the club l have no l will try this site too.  This is the last word on flying saucers and Vespas:  I sent a www address with one of my comments that displayed a flying saucer powered by a Vespa scooter surrounded by people dressed as spacemen..and riding Vespas in space France in the 1950's.  Why the obsessions with flying saucers in the 1950'60's ?  Why did Vespa and Lambretta design an aerial with a flying saucer and/or a sputnik as a cap on top?  The final word:  I was right in my assumption about THE world being interested in space travel as a consequence of the Russians putting Sputnik up there...however, it goes seems that the 1950's and 60's were times of great looked forward..hence much of this idea was projected into the design of all sorts of objects..lamps, furniture, cars (the rise of the fin...looking forward and the idea of leaving a sense of speed travel..the flying saucer became THE ICON of the 1950's and early 1960's...first written about in 1947 post a pilot in the USA claiming to see one...streamline was the word...smoothe shapes influenced design that depicted the streamline shapes of flying saucers 'spotted all over the USA' after 1947..a sort of mass hypnosis ...the phenomenon swept the world..and Vespa was not to be left they designed an aerial with a flying saucer and sputnik cap on the was extremely the UK, France, Germany and the SE Asian Countries  like the Philippines..and also popular in India...most Vespa and Lambretta riders had at least two mounted near the front mudguard.  Thats it..thats the story behind the flying saucer aerial...a replica now on its way to my home from the UK...!!! 


Kind regards to all   Paul Pancrazio  Vroooooom  TOOOOOOOOOOOT  flutter working on why fox tails were popular in the 1950's on scooter and car aerials  ?

At 22:00 on October 27, 2011, TonyB said…
that was quick I was only there yesterday!
At 21:59 on June 21, 2011, TonyB said…
yeh I kinda missed the old tinhead!!
At 19:26 on June 13, 2011,
All ok now!

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