Rules - Not The Mille 2020

The Rules

Not the Mille 2020

IT'S ON! Travel restrictions have been lifted for the scheduled dates of Wednesday 9th - Friday 11th December. If you have registered with us then you may have been invited to confirm your entry by $40 payment. If you are confirming, then get cracking and organise your accommodation. Meanwhile, here are the rules:

1. If you enter Not the Mille to win, you’re missing the point. The point of Not the Mille is to join a number of scooter tragics and enjoy a fun, challenging event that is mechanically, physically, and mentally demanding.

2. Classic manual geared scooters only - no autos will be admitted.
It makes no difference if your scooter is standard or modified. If the basic design predates 1982 it's regarded as a classic for the purposes of the event.

3. Entry will be by event registration only. The registered person is entitled to enter one scooter for the event, whether that scooter carries one rider, or a pilot and navigator, is up to them.

4. No cheating. Cheating includes short cuts not on the designated route, fuelling up from a backup vehicle, etc. Cheaters will be disqualified. If you get lost, need to leave the course for fuel unexpectedly - as long as you get back on the route to complete the actual course you will not be penalised.

5Start time allocated is your recorded start time. If you’re late the time will not be refunded to you, nor may you start early.

6. No bitching. No complaining. No whining. This is not a wine-tour. It is a test of your ability to build a classic scoot, keep it running, read a map, plan petrol and food stops, and hopefully finish under your own steam. Those entrants pushing their seized scooter the last 3 kilometres to the finish line will be rightly applauded.

7. There are no GPS directional devices permitted on the route, other than the type which records your path as you ride it (which could be useful in the case of a dispute). If you become hopelessly lost you may use your phone GPS to find your way back to the route, subject to Rule 4.

8. Protocol for helping others: Protocol is to wave gleefully and ride past. This is so we don't create a secondary problem with a lot of riders at the side of the road (usually in the most inconvenient location). An exception is unless they flag you down because of an accident or dangerous situation.
Riders on the side of the road re-fueling, changing a tyre or re-assembling their scooter should wave on passing scooters. Unless they need emergency help, in which case wave madly until they stop.

9. Entrants must carry their own tools, spares and fuel. There will be backup vehicle/s but the aim of these is only to make sure entrants and their scooters stay safe. It is not a breakdown recovery service – it will only take you and your scooter to the nearest decent sized town after which you will need to make your own arrangements. The backup vehicles need to be free to pick up other broken down scooters. It is strongly recommended that you have breakdown cover.

10. You must hold a full current motorcycle licence valid in Australia to enter. You must have (at a minimum extended 3rd party) insurance. Your scooter must be roadworthy, including operational brakes, lights and tyres with more than enough tread to get you through 1000 km. You must make your scooter available the afternoon before the event for a check by the club scrutineer.

11. Participation is at your own risk. VcoM or Dark Lords will not be held responsible for your actions. This is not a race.  By registering for entry you agree to the rules of the event.

Judges' decisions will be final.

These rules have been borrowed and developed from the Australian Classic Scooter Mille and other US sites. 

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