ROUTE - Not the Mille 2020

Route Maps

NOTE: The dates for Not The Mille 2020 will be confirmed on 28 September, once we see the detail and progress of the easing of Covid 19 restrictions in Victoria. Thank you to everyone who has supported the event so far, and especially those who have submitted an interest in riding.

These are Plotaroute maps. Use the full-screen zoom icon and the enlarge button for more detail or click to view on Plotaroute. You can download the route to your device but please remember, no modern GPS navigation devices are allowed on this event as that would be cheating. Just paper maps, notes or whatever other analogue means you can think of just like in the old days when your scooter was built and as per the event rules <here>

Note: The NTM route for Day 1) includes some good rideable dirt roads. However if you don't like dirt or if we have inclement weather, there is a no dirt option. A handicap may apply for those who choose to avoid the dirt roads.

DAY 1 (dirt roads) - Saturday 21 November

DAY 1 (no dirt option) - Saturday 21 November

DAY 2 - Sunday 22 November

Route maps for Not The Mille prepared by mk Ginchi on

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