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This page is currently being updated, so check back here soon to see all the merch available. 
The merchandise below is available to members of the club only. Many of the items are provided free to members upon joining or renewal. So additional items are listed here 'at cost'.

You can purchase items that are available by clicking the "Add to Cart" PayPal button.

If you have any queries, or wish to negotiate an alternative payment option, please email us at

Pack of three kit

$4.00 posted

1 woven Jacket Patch - 6.5cm iron on
1 Button Badge - 2.5cm
1 Bike sticker - 4.5 cm vinyl sun proof

These are provided free to new members. Additional items can be purchased for that new jacket or bike.


Club Apparel

T Shirts, Jackets, and much more are available at our online store.

Click HERE to visit our store

Through our friends at Forza Italia.


Enamel club jacket badge
$5.00 posted

Beautiful 3cm diameter metal. Enamel club logo with chrome. Designed for your riding jacket or a lapel, these come with a locking wheel to hold it securely.

Hint: Depending on the thickness of the material, you may need to file back or clip the pin after you've mounted it on your jacket. Pin it through a pocket flap or a lapel where there's plenty of material.


VCM Keyring Tag
$4.00 posted

Specially produced embossed logo, from the same supplier to Harley Davidson. Rubberised so that it won't scratch your scooter.


Club 'Snood' - neckwarmer
$7 posted

Especially manufactured for us, and very popular because they work as an everyday riding accessory. This latest version also features the Vespa logo, used with permission. Currently this is being given away to our renewing members for free. But many of you want another...? 


Leg Shield Banner


(Members only club price, and includes post)

High quality, printed on fabric, seamed, and with velcro straps for easy fixing. Banner size and print range will fit across all leg shield widths - wideframe, smallframe, classic and modern. We measured!

Internazional collectors and clubs: please contact us for a price and postage.























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