Vespa Adventurers

The Vespa is a very capable little machine. They have travelled all over the world on many grand adventures and have ended up in surprising places. This is a group formed to organise scooter activities for those who like a bit more adventure in their lives. Do you enjoy riding further, like visiting remote hard to get to places, want more days of riding for longer trips, taking the road less travelled, don’t mind pub stays, a bit of dirt road or camping in the bush? Then the Vespa Adventurers Group might be for you. It is open to any kind of Vespa. We expect members to be experienced riders who have ridden in all sorts of conditions. A reliable Vespa is essential and some mechanical knowledge will be beneficial.

Rules so far:

1) Vespa Adventurers may discreetly relieve themselves in the bush. Others in the group will avert their eyes during this process. (David’s rule developed on a ride to McKillop’s Bridge)

2) Vespa Adventurers may retrieve and eat a biscuit that has fallen onto the ground. This is on the proviso that the site of the fallen biscuit is outside the area effected by Rule 1. (Jo and Noel’s rule developed on Pete Zimm’s Dandenong Ranges ride)

Members: 28
Latest Activity: Dec 11, 2019

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