Hello all

I would love to purchase a early model Vespa Bacchetta if anyone has one or know someone that does  and they are interested in selling could they let me know please.

Can be in any condition.




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Good luck on your search, of course a bacchetta will pop up when your not looking 

Very rare to find - such a mythic beast here in Australia 

There are only 2 Vespa bacchetta true rod type models 

within the Vespa club of Melbourne Membership owned by 2 of us.

Marc bought 1, from Mikey In S.A 

and of course there’s Frank with 2 boxed Legend has it, and 1 with Dion dismantled on a shelf 

Outside of membership

I have seen two for sale on local eBay three years ago ,

One in WA registered for road use but extremely altered in colour and chrome finishing appearance . 

So that’s a EIGHT as a unofficial bacchetta national tally 

Of all of these locally in Victoria 

- none are actually on the road (two owned by marc and myself maybe at the start of summer)

- they all are of English origin being: douglas rod models 51 to 53 (with rod linkage gear change, pogo stick front fork - no shock absorber)

Having said bacchetta type models do come up for sale rarely. 

I had to travel to Sydney for mine, with Rolf - we also had to text someone else photos to confirm originality as it was a complete wreak. ( and at this stage only 2 club members (one in SA, one in VIC have / had actually owned one)

Generally a bike of this vintage is found in three states of being

- patina, with a more than a few vital pieces missing 

- crash victim / rusted hulk - lots of vital pieces missing (mine)

- occasional bad restoration - with all the wrong parts (seen on eBay) 

notice here I don’t talk about initial purchase price 

as all parts are the same as much rarer Vespa 98  (‘46 - 48)

ie it’s worlds most expensive Vespa in category 

or the Vespa 125 (‘49) close second 

so right here I will mention that of course the prices for anything go through the roof 

Thus Buying the right parts or finding does become a major problem 

Regardless if it’s worn out (very very expensive), NOS. (Astronomicaly expensive) or reproduction (very very expensive) 

As a quick tour of eBay.it will attest to the crazy prices for workout or the unusable 

key words: Vespa 98, bacchetta, or the even non rod type bike AKA Roman holiday 1951 - cable gear change

Here a quick indication of parts prices unshipped, un-insured 

handle bars - reproduction $1254 aud 

gear change - reproduction small batch order $800

yes that’s $2954 just to steer by and change the rare as pin type selector (selector $600 if you can find, and best the other online bidders of course)  

so your up to $3500 without the rest of a bike! 

Happy hunting 

Hi John
Thank you for bringing this to my attention ,although I’m completely aware of the price of a Bacchetta and the rarity of the parts and expenses involved.
Bacchetta is what I’m after not a Douglas.
Regards Luke

It’s the same 1949 model bike (bacchetta) made from the old plant sold to douglas in ‘50 who made for three years.....51 - 53. ( any 1950 bikes before this date only made and sold only within the Italian market - thus rare to find outside Italy) 

In 1951 other Vespa bacchetta variants made for one year only, you may find by Hoffmann, AMCA, Motovespa, Allstate - all these are technically bacchetta 

the douglas co had the sole rights to sell any early Vespa into Australia till 1956 - anything Italian pre this date will the  very rare private import - (the Vespa Club of Melbourne started in 1957 -  the same year when piaggio negated the former contract, and started selling bikes directly from the Italian factory) 

varation between Italian 1949 model - douglas made 51 -53  from United Kingdom - with different rear number plate rear light, horn crest and headlight mid leg shield 

other than that it’s totally the same as the Italian ‘bacchetta’ bike just without $40,000 added to the price tag 

hope we you find an Italian version  (without having to reach into very deep pockets or importing it yourself) 

- we early ‘Vespa crazy’ model hunters and there’s a few of us, in a side communities  haven’t found any very early Italian rod bikes  - Klaus wolf will have sourced all available twenty years ago 

any of these will Be in his legendary unseen,  year by year collections.  

You could contact him via Facebook, and ask him nicely as he does sell bikes occasionally 

Ps Join us on Facebook,  as we are all happily rabbiting on there 

cheers John 

There is a lovely looking 1950 V30 on the Maskes website at the moment.

Importing is probably your best option.


Yes I’ve seen this and made contact with them a month or so ago , Rolf your absolutely right it is lovely looking.
Maskes has some great Vespa’s.
John what was the face book group name you mention?
Thank guys


I tried toby from Maskes and it was going to be difficult you almost need to go and pick it up and then get to england to ship home I looked at all the logistics and put it in the too hard basket


I think your right Italy is looking good

Thank you John

Not a Bacchetta, but a 1952 Faro Basso has just popped up on the "Vespa Australia Buy/Swap/Sell" Facebook Group. Located in QLD

Yes seen it thank you for the heads up, although happy to wait for a Bacchetta to pop up.


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