Ordered a front carrier for my GTV at the end of January - and ever since have been told next couple of weeks, next couple of weeks. Is this normal practice to wait so long? Is their another shop that I can order it from myself? I know patience is a virtue and all that but 2 months - give me a break........

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That sucks Pam!  I ordered one from SIP on-line and had it in the following week (and that was with shipping from Germany).   SIP have a great range of different racks, and usually cheaper as well.

This is the one I got http://www.sip-scootershop.com/en/products/luggage+carrier+front+fa...

It's a bit more compact than most others, fits really well and looks good.

Good Luck!!

Thank you James. Next time I'll go to SIP.
Sorry to jump in... That looks really nice James. I was thinking of grabbing one. Are they easy to put on and take off as needed? Cheers.
Super easy. One screw to secure the bottom bracket and it's on.

Finally got around to cancelling order with GTS and ordering through SIP - now for delivery........been waiting since 31st Jan and would love to have it before Springs weekend. So thank you James for the heads up.


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