Video - Annual Round the Bay Phil Agar Memorial Ride - 2015

Thanks to all that made this a great ride... this ones is for you Phil, ride on in our hearts, cool man!

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Pete you have done it again, can't believe there were so many vespas all together, but we still hope to hit the 100 one day...Like to female voice over in this one...:)

Cheers Julie

Sounds like Julie? Julie. More fun with more Vespas!

+1 more for next year....

unfortunately for me, discovered at the last minute that my wobbly back end was not low air, 

but a loose wheel hub nut, and potentially bearings.

looks like a great ride was had!

(guess I'll need to join an upcoming club ride to make up for it) :)

I like the way Youtube has randomly thrown up David riding a GTS 300 as the thumbnail.... it's just good evidence!

Somethings happen for a reason! Perfection.

shhhhhh, The Vespahhhh!

Well done Pete -  a great memory yet again. Thanks for making and sharing

I tried to make Tufan sound like Tufan, as good as Vespahhhh!


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