I want to get my ET4 serviced. Vespa House seems to be the most convenient to get to and from, however a few times it has been there I have noticed new scratches, one of which had been touched up to hide it. I didn't notice it until a week later whilst washing it.

Roberto would be a preference but he is well away from public transport. Does anyone know if he has loan scooters? Melbourne Scooters is next, once again public transport is the problem....dilemma!

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Hi Robert

Some of our members have been taking their vespas to Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings in Spotswood and have been very happy with the service and care of their vespas.  Give them a call you won't regret it.

Cheers Julie

Hi Julie, yes my ET4 is with them at the moment. Quite a bit to be done, but reasonable charges. Probably wont be at breakfast tomorrow, but I'll be at Maling Road next weekend for sure.


Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings in Spotswood have a collection and return service.

Some of us Geelong folk, for example, have used them and very happy with the service, the collection and return

Roberto ! Great service and can have breakfast and a coffee in the cafe around the front! Will be doing my GTS300 major in another 5,000 klm.

Hi everyone! Thanks to all who gave me recommendations for service. Roberto is a bit far away, so I have gone with Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings. They picked the ET4 up last week and are starting work Monday, so the scooter will be ready for the Maling Road show and shine day next weekend.

Cheers to all...Robert ET4 125.


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