Hi, My VESPA 2013 LX 125 was stolen last night. The thief somehow got it started, breaking or bypassing the steering lock and electronic ignition. The scooter has now been found with damaged top box, damaged ignition panel and they have hacked into the front of the bike through the front panel. It's sad and a mess - and I'm only looking at the photos, so who knows what I'll find when I look at it. Question I have is ... I live in Fitzroy and its been found in Fitzroy - so where do you suggest I ask the insurance company to take it to get assessed and then hopefully fixed. A good repair place please. Many thanks.. Andy

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Sent you an email

Hi Andy

Sorry to hear about your vespa.  It's not sounding good but you are lucky to have got her back.

Wishing you all the best. 

Cheers Julie

Ouches that’s a savage theft of what was a perfectly good bike.


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