Hi All,

So I pulled the trigger over the weekend, sold my road bike and bought my first scooter (Vespa GTS 300 Super Sport in the Matt Grey! Such a nice zippy little thing but I have a few queries for those that know them well or own one already.

1. Fuel: When you fill up the tank do you:

a) Experience overfill on the tank? My first fill today splashed all into my compartment and wondering how I can stop this from happening

b) My fuel level on the dash didn't show all bars as full on the digital display. It was one less bar even though I filled up the whole tank. Is there something I am doing wrong?

2. Helmet: I have an open face helmet but couldn't manage to get it to fit in the underseat compartment. I was under the impression that all helmets should fit. Does anyone else have this issue?

3. Run Engine In: How many km's do you need to run the engine in for and when should I take it for it's first service?

4. Any other tips and advice would be much appreciated as this is the first scooter I've ever owned. 

Thanks everyone



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Hi Michael. Great choice for a scooter. Come along to one of the breakfasts and you’ll get lots of tips. Eg the fuel fill issue has easy fix

When and where is the breakfast held?

Hi Michael. All our events are listed on the Events page and updated regularly. Have a look. Melb breakfasts are 2nd Sunday every month

1 a)  I always lift the compartment out (and sit it sideways) when refuelling to avoid risk of splash entering the compartment

1 b) on my 2009 gts300 the fuel gauge is not very accurate - take it as hint

2) get a box for the back :-)

Thanks Louis!

I'll try that technique with the fuelling and see how it goes.


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