I haven't posted here in quite a while due to my focus being on other projects.

Just prior to the stage 4 lock down the owner of a 1978 Vespa Super dropped by my home to discuss some 'minor' repairs to the body of his classic scooter. He primarily wanted some holes and corrosion damage repaired. The body wasn't to be totally stripped of old paint but brought back to a sound and safe useable condition. From there he would refit the mechanicals.

The body looks quite good from a frontal viewpoint but all is not as well as it appears. Note the alloy edging around the top of the frame. It's been blended into frame edge and painted. There are also 2 bolts on either side of the front pan that currently have no purpose.

Here are a few pix of the scooter as presented.

This last image shows the floor board under the tunnel opened for repairs.

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If interested in following the refurbish/rebuild process go to the following link.

Another one lives to ride many more days thanks to your magic touch Vincent ! 

Hi Darren, thanks for the thumbs-up comment.

I hope your Vespa is running well and providing you with enjoyable experiences...pre and post the pandemic. 

Just between you and me...I did sneak out a couple of days ago for a ride on my 42 WLA...testing out a few recent front suspension mods and a new seat.

This vespa body repair/resto was timely as it's given me a useful distraction from the home lockdown that we're all currently under at present. 

Take care  ~ Vince. 

I haven't chased you as I had an accident in Nov last year after returning from Nepal and haven't been able to ride since. Winter before that meant that I have hardly ridden my vespa since it was finished. Then COVID strikes and my Vespa has been safely tucked away. I still owe you a riden'n'ale once we're allowed back out to play. I haven't forgotten ;)

All the best


Well take care Darren. There's a pertinent quote by John Lennon that aptly describes these situations and I think we've all been a party to it at some time in our lives.... "Life is what happens (to you) while you're busy making other plans." Or, perhaps Forest Gump put it better!  "Sh..  happens!"
Look forward to it when things ease off and some normality returns to our lives.

Nice to see you have another project Vincent and so sorry to hear you had an accident Darren.  Hope you are on the mend and can get back on your vespa once we are all allowed to meet up again.

Cheers Julie

Vince is fine Judy. 

Here's a few more pix illustrating the progress on the Vespa body.

With the weather on the improve and Victoria's lockdown restrictions eased I was able to pursue further work on Steven's Vespa. He chose a pale turquoise blue for the overall colour coat and with my local automotive paint supplier now within range, 3 litres of acrylic lacquer paint was purchased. As today's weather was suitable for a bit of paint gun work, the Vespa received its first colour coat. 

The paint will be allowed to harden for a couple of days, then be flatted with 800 grit wet & dry and receive a  second final colour coat. Not concourse but certainly very presentable and durable. 


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