This mystery ride is even a mystery to me. However it will include some interesting stuff and it will be good. I hesitate to say ‘brilliant’ as I don’t know where we are going yet. David

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Very funny Pete. What are you on when you make these little video treats? Is that a machine gun I hear mowing down the kangaroos? Thank you.

Still high from the blue smoke off your Vespa, David. Thanks for solving the Mystery... it gets in our blood, whether it's cold or not to much of a misery, the Vespa sting... does it for me! Great ride!

Great captions here Peter and thank you David for showing us some of the amazing history that still exists in  and around the heart of Melbourne... just loved riding through all those streets with the mac mansions, who saw all those kangaroos? and then we end up in an apple orchard making us feel like we were miles away in the country but guess what ....we weren't... we are so luck to have such an amazing city to explore..:)


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