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Cool! Interesting......

I have asked for a photo

and yes it’s A thing.......

especially of the back of wheel studs that 

hold the two Rim halves together 

if they are ‘messy welds’ they would be 

a Douglas Vespa Kingsford factory product - Birmingham

Great Britain. 

The normally seen: Italian Piaggio type 8 inch Wheel rims have

lovely neat bolt backs welded into the rim half. 

we have 5 early 1950s Douglas projects on the go!
All with Club Members at the moment! 

if they are an ‘English type‘ it would be

as good spare wheel talking point ‘on the right bike’ 

I will let you know how we go.....

cheers john 

This is What we are hoping for - strange I know! - and yes that’s a NOS Italian cleat and tube From 1957 - supplied by Frank vespa house! No it’s not going on the road - its as old as the vespa club of Melbourne it’s self! - I can carry more than one new spare. With a sidecar of course! 


These have now gone to rolf

An almost Patina paint match for one the current 

3 vespa projects that he’s working on! 


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