Hi folks.

I am currently investigating the options of freshening up the engine on my Super with the possibility of investing in a tuning kit.

Does anyone have any opinions/experience on these from SIP?


When you add it all together plus freight, it seems to come out as a pretty reasonable deal.


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Is your super a later 3 port engine casing/bottom end?

It's a 2 port. It looks like I have decided on the Pinasco 177 cylinder kit for the 2 port engine after all.

Having said that, I do have to split the cases for some other work, so adding a 3rd transfer port is not totally out of the question.

That would broaden my options considerably. But budget is a thing......

Hi Darren, the 177 Pinasco, which is what I have on my Super and will work as a plug and play without the need to modify the engine case ports. The 2-port Pinasco kit gives you a pseudo third port (in fact 5-ports) that work via additional channels in the cylinder wall and a special matching cut-out in the piston skirt. Our VBC cases don't have much meat to make a third port without some additional metal being welded on which is tricky. You will be delighted by the difference this kit makes. Brendan who has a Super says the Pinasco cast-iron kit is very torquey beast. I have the alloy version. You will need to match the 177c kit with a bigger 24/24 carburettor to keep it cool, and a larger air filter from the PX and better exhaust. I run my kit on a 122 main jet. Best wishes, David

24/24 carb modified by DRT


PX style Air Filter


SIP Road 2 Exhaust with 1 lug mount. A great addition.



Thanks David for that info.

I am leaning towards the Pinasco 2 port kit with a carb & exhaust for good measure. Common opinion seems to be that this would be the best bang for my bucks.

Engine is on the bench now, so decisions will be made soon and my super will be ready to burn up the roads come the spring riding season.


I have a Pinasco 177 upgrade on my Super and what a difference.You may want to consider buying the kit locally from Vespa2 in Cairns or an alternative of shore is La Vespa Due I have bought many parts from them.I hope this is of use..


Thanks Mark. I'll check out those suppliers.


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