Ok, what tools do I need to carry onboard whilst out for a ride on a vintage vespa? can't be much do to space though.

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I always carry a bottle of dry lubricant as well (it is graphite, the same as used in lead pencils from memory) plus a long length of inner cable (enough to go through two outers) is great for replacing outler cables if they go to seed. Also a spare set of globes always comes in handy.

My 1954 and 1959 Vespa owners manuals describe the original toolkit, which is indeed meagre. One tool I cannot find any picture of is the "four-way box spanner" which has 11, 14, 21 and 22 mm ends, It must double as the wheel nut remover so I imagine it looks like a wheel brace, but how would that fit in the little canvas roll the tools came in? Or even fit through the side wing door? Or is it like a four way tube spanner or a dumb-bell/ dog bone bicycle spanner? I have googled this to death with no luck. Does anyone have a photo of this tool? I'm not interested in modern road rescue (I have tools for that), just piecing together the original toolkit. Cheers, Adam

Hi Adam. Yes, the tool kit for these old Vespas was modest indeed and not a star-head screwdriver in sight. The box spanner tool you are looking for is still available locally from GPS Imports for $9.95. However its not a 4-way tool as you might expect but a 3-way tool. The larger box spanner is slightly tapered so it will fasten the engine mount swing bolt, rear hub nut and the spark plug, 21-22mm. This tool is used on lots of various bolts and nuts all over the scooter as these pics show. If I needed more leverage from this smallish tool (only about 6" long), I just inserted the wooden handled screwdriver down one of the open ends. I've included a diagram from an original parts manual to show what the complete tool kit looked like. Best wishes, David

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Thanks David. Wow, so the 22mm tapers to 21mm so you can do wheel lugs and spark plug? Hard to imagine you'd get enough purchase on the spark plug, but there you go! Cheers, Adam

Hi again Adam, the wheel rim bolts use the 13mm spanner and are torqued to about 15 foot pounds. I read an interesting article about tool design once. The length of a spanner's handle provides the right amount of leverage required when doing something up by hand. Larger spanner sizes have longer handle lengths etc. I guess the advent of socket kits mucked this up a bit. So the 'T' bar section of that Vespa tool gives you an idea that the 11mm box spanner needs less torque. The rule for tightening a spark plug is to screw it in by hand until its seats firmly, then use the box spanner to tighten an extra 1/4 to squeeze the compression ring that comes with the spark plug. No more than that otherwise its possible to strip the soft aluminium thread. So again, that the Vespa tool is perfect for the job. However its not so good for those big nuts except in an emergency. David


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