TomTom VIO Scooter Sat Nav

Now this looks like an awesome bit of tech for the scooter... ...well maybe not for you classic guys and girls ;)

But seriously, I personally would love one. It does all the work from your smart phone, but allows you to have a neat visual on the mirror stem. I wonder if they will come to Australia and how much.

Cheers, Leo

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Hi All, Can anybody trialing the Vio confirm that if you buy one in Europe/UK you can get Australian maps for it? The TomTom site indicates there are only European maps (not even N.America) but somebody that I spoke to on Sunday indicated that it was possible but that may have been something specially set up for the trial.


Hi John,

Until it's officially released in Australia, the VIO application needed won't be in the Australian AppStore, which is required to use the VIO unit and download Australian maps.

Cheers. Leo

Thanks Leo, I managed to download the App via the UK AppStore but you cant do anything with it without the device. I was wondering if the UK App allows an Australian map to be downloaded.

I'm not sure. I'll see if I can get the UK app and test. The Beta app allows download of any maps from other countries, if that helps?

tom tom app from any country will allow download of australian map

you need the device with the app to download - the app will not work without it

and to be signed into tom tom as a new account user

hope this helps

Thanks for that. Do you mean the VIO App or can you use TomTom Go?

Hi Leo, I've got the Vio and it links with the UK app but no Australian maps. Can I use another TomTom app or get the beta test app for Oz?

That's a shame, would have thought the UK version would have allowed AU maps. You might have to wait for an AU release as there is no way to get the beta app. Sorry.

Is this device capable of displaying your current speed? It would be a great feature for classic scooters where the speedos aren't very accurate

Yes, it does display your current speed.


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