TomTom VIO Scooter Sat Nav

Now this looks like an awesome bit of tech for the scooter... ...well maybe not for you classic guys and girls ;)

But seriously, I personally would love one. It does all the work from your smart phone, but allows you to have a neat visual on the mirror stem. I wonder if they will come to Australia and how much.

Cheers, Leo

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Sure does look interesting the way you can get a device to match your vespa also.... let's see how long we have to wait...:)

Leo, they are to be trialled in the city. 

So does they mean we could expect them sooner then later?

Yes I need to find 6-8 commuters to do the trial...just putting my thinking cap on as to who in the club are everyday city commuters.... There is a criteria they are looking for but if you are interested Leo let me know..

Yes please, if there is a space available for me, and I meet the criteria... I would love to participate in the trial. I'm great at testing/ feedback of Nav devices, navigation and mapping has always been a side hobby of mine. I don't commute everyday, but most days I'm out and about. Cheers, Leo.

Have just sent you the email with the details Leo...thanks heaps and have fun...thought you should be included in this one...what a coincidence hey...:)

Thanks Julie. It's definitely a coincidence and regardless if I make it as a trial participant, I'm still very excited that they will eventually be coming to Australia. Thanks again.

I have been wanting one for two months
It's been offered at scooter centre Germany
And of course TomTom United Kingdom, since sept 16

Love the simplicity of the idea without all the bulk of the traditional sat Nav

I am a daily rider of a 2016 sprint twisty with 400 km on the clock

I live in St Kilda east
and commute to various locations about town for agency work
RACV Collins street
Glen iris
Port Melbourne
Albert park

Julie Does all this qualify? As a rider test candidate

Hi John

I will send you the contact email also as I think you fit the criteria.  Thank you and have fun with it... will be interesting to hear the reviews.

Cheers Julie

Hi Julie

Great party/lunch yesterday. We both really it. I travel into the CBD from Thornbury everyday and can help out with this, if I'm not too late.

Cheers Jenny B

Hi Jenny I will send you the email so you can contact Brenda re this product.

Thanks heaps.

My VIO came in the mail today so will be trialling it this week, a nice black one.




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