Being a Learner and only on my Vespa for 3 months, I really value the tips on safety from the experienced riders and valued members of our wonderful club. It is safe to assume that Learners have a lot to learn if they are like me. Bob told me at the AGM to only use my left hand brake while waiting at lights. The reasons are the right hand will be used for the accelerator but more importantly the rider is less likely to go over the handlebars if shunted from the rear. Thanks Bob as I have never been told this before and I will always do this from now on!

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The TAC has some great info for motor bike riders. Its well worth a look:


When I first got my licence I had them send me their 'Ride Smart CD' you can get a free copy here:


It has great tips for safe riding

I did know about riding in the middle of the road but I didn't know about the not using the front brake when turning on tram lines! I ride into the city every day so this is a big one for me. I not sure it is all common sense as I suspect it also helps to have a bit of mechanical knowledge as well. I have no mechanical knowledge so v happy for you list:-). Especially about tram tracks as I have a very healthy respect for them.
Thanks .Martin. I applied for the CD and hopefully will get it this week.

Great idea for a discussion, Donna. And it's not always for learners. It's good for riders of all experience to remind themselves of a few things.

I have a list of tips somewhere that I'll dig out.


I'll look forward to your list Ian.  Is it possible to be blown off your Vespa???  I really felt like I would tonight.  Is that a silly question?  And what should I do when it is really windy.  Go faster or slower?  Or stop and look for a shoe sale?


Riding a motorbike to Queensland many years ago, the wind at West Wyalong was incredibly strong. We had to lean into the wind to avoid being blown over. Haven't yet experienced any really strong wind on my scooter, but I assume the same principle would apply. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
Further to Tony's tip about oil and coolant sitting in the middle of the lane, also be careful around petrol stations.

One of the most likely places that your tyres will find oil or spilled petrol and get greasy will be when you fill up. Always take it easy when pulling out after filling up. Be careful when you ride in too.

And another tip:

When riding past shops, don't look at your self in the refection of the glass to see how cool you look.

And don't tell me you've never done this. I confess I have!

Don't listen to him Donna, always look in the shops, for your reflection and just in case there is a shoe sale,

pffffff what do boys know about shop windows and riding !!!! (wink)

Now you're being sensible. 

pfffffff sensible is over rated (wink)

Admit it,  it's all about the possibility of shoe sale!!!

No shoe sales on the two ride itineraries I have posted for comment. Sensibly............. cmon on............... get real.

No twit twit know what I mean?


To avoid your scooter being tipped or driven into or over, ALWAYS BE CAREFUL ABOUT WHERE YOU POSITION THE SCOOTER  -  MAKE SURE IT IS CLEARLY VISIBLE. The attendant at my local petrol station told me he has seen several motorbikes and scooters knocked over beside the pump because the CAR driver was NOT concentrating or looking. That is - they ONLY notice cars occupying SPACE at the pump, SCOOTERS are apparently INVISIBLE to them.




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