Anyone know a good alumium welder ?

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Nothing major, cracked the thread for the LH mirror mount. Just want to keep it original.

If it's the internal bracket - buy a new one!

newer models up to year 2000 + with the surround - Cheaper to buy new mount than fiddle with a busted one? - ps some mirrors and mounts size do vary

If it's a classic - remove the under handlebar mounts and get some classy
Haylcon mirrors - far cooler but they do cost a complete bomb.

Sip / Scooter Centre / Beedspeed / GPS imports - do rubber plugs for the mirror holes in the headset if it's of a PX vintage

The thread is just a moulded section in the lower headset. A lower headset costs around $350, and then I need to shell out for painting. I was told a decent TIG welder could fix the crack in about half an hour. Seemed logical at the time ?

Heliocoil might do the trick if it's not too far gone - otherwise TIG away though paint will need doing?


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