went for my daily ride on the Yarra Blvd today (this is how I keep sane during covid) and there's two mobile police cameras.  :cry: :cry: :cry:

Probably lost points :shrug:

PS, yes the Blvd is inside 5km and I usually stop for a walk somewhere along it.

PPS don't emojis work in this forum?  I gave up and wrote :shrug:

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Hi Louis

Thanks for the heads up, but as it is only a 50km speed limit along the Boulevard no one should have any worries, unless !!!!!!!!  oooops for you!

No emojis don't work on this website sorry. 

Cheers Julie

definitely oops :-(  just not sure if multiple oops

Louis, I will with some guilt tell you that I was the first Park Ranger at Yarra Bend Park (back in the 80’s) and was instructed to do something about the speeding motorcyclists on the Yarra Blvd (I was one of them as I had a park motorbike that could, flat out, do 90kph around the bends). It has long been a motorcycling Mecca and in those days dozens of bikes would appear on the weekends and use the section between the boathouses as a race track. I borrowed a speed gun from VicRoads and did some speed monitoring, I was spotted by some of the regulars and asked what I was doing, they then used me as a speed monitor, I clocked one guy at 165kmh around the Wilsmere Asylum bend.... oh how times have changed. 

PS saw some spectacular accidents on occasions as some pushed it too far inc one spectator who leaned just a little too far out from the curb one day....

Paul Stampton

It's been such a great track for me to practice my skills for when I'm allowed out of the city again.

Those hairpins ... love'em :-) :-)  :-)  I have been overtaken while i was doing around 55-60 on that hairpin (I always check the telemetry from my supertech after each ride) by a biker doing way way way way faster - some people have a death wish.  This is actually why I ride a vespa, a real bike would be tempting fate too much.

Watching my letter box - I know something will be in it soon :-(


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