I would like to give a big THANK YOU! to Greg, Julie and anyone else involved in organising a great weekend.

It was my only my second outing with the club and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Put faces to names, met some really good people and made some new friends.

To top it off, my little Vespa didn't embarrass me! Although I am glad I had earplugs on the way home, I would hate to hear the noise from that little engine along the Glenelg Highway at over 80, plus I think my throttle cable is 20mm longer now.

I had a great time.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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Darren you were flying on that little scooter, and so glad you enjoyed the whole weekend, it was great seeing you again.

We will have to organise another ride down you way again now that you know what your vespa is really capable of :)  

Cheers Julie

Hi Darren. Yes, it was a good weekend away wasn't it? Lovely to see your very distinctive Super heroically ploughing through that strong head wind as we headed towards the distant Grampian ranges. If you organise a ride up your way with all that fascinating geology in the Moorabool River Valley region, then I'm in. Hope to see you again soon. Supers rule, okay?

Thanks to Julie and Greg for the great ride into the Wimmera, Julie's neck of the woods, and for the rare privilege of being able to park our scooters inside the famous heritage listed Murtoa Stick Shed. What a treat!



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