A great big thank you to everyone who helped me get my hands on the elusive indicator lens that got my “new” scooter through roadworthy and rego last week

To Roberto at Vespa Wizard - who, despite being arms deep in other peoples Vespas, dug out a good used lens and got it around to the post office - thanks mate

(Unfortunately Australia Post let us down here and the parcel is still yet to arrive)

To Kieron at GPS Imports - who called me back the minute the stock walked in their front door (the day before my rego appointment) and got one straight into the Express Post for me - Brilliant work Kieron- I will be using GPS Imports in the very near future just based on your customer service on a $15 part!!

(Sadly, this one arrived at 4pm after my rego -but now adorns my scooter)

Tony Vescio - who, without knowing me from a bar of soap, did some phoning around and got me in touch with Jeff - Thanks Tony

And Jeff (sorry I don’t know you by your full name) - who did not hesitate to unscrew the indicator lens from his own PX to get mine through the roadworthy and rego the following day- Mate, what a lifesaver!!

To everyone who had a red-hot go of getting me on the road - THANK YOU - None of you knew me, none of you had any reason to go out of your way like you did - but each of you just stepped up and helped.

It may only have been an indicator lens, but the helpfulness and camaraderie you all showed me  tells me that the Vespa community I am a new inductee into is a great place to be.



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Hi Jason, I am very happy we could all help. I am looking forward to meeting you and your vespa soon. Until then, stay safe ride safe cheers Tony


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