Have been wracking my brains and searching for something that we could badge the bikes with on ceremonial occasions - ie attending the VACC rally, and that is within the club budget. Finding someone that can manuafacture a unique item and custom print it is difficult.

Working in a school I have this contact. It is not the standard crappy pennant you often see but very high quality, and able to be printed in full colours. It's pretty easy to hang over your bike (the mirror for example, or a rack, or down the side from the seat etc) and then remove when you ride. Or even fly it like John's foxtail! We could even hang them in places like Frank's shop.


Quite cheap to produce and because I work in a school can get a discount. Perhaps get Brett to design something cool! Our's wouldn't look schooly like the example.

Quality cloth, full colour print, wooden dowl not plastic. Fast production. Can do a run of 50 20cm W x 47 long for approx $370 delivered. smaller sixe 15 x 30 is about $240 for 50.




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A good idea, that's sort of what I meant when I, and someone else, suggested the legshield banners, these will almost certainly be cheaper and do the same job.

I did think of that, perhaps a massive barrel of super duper port or whiskey, or both, we commission a competent home brewer or sponser winery/distillery and flog off bottles each Christmas party, might not be that flash for the first few years but in twenty of so.....hic indeed
ahhhhh Tony.... you will have to come on the next annual walhalla run and we'll quench your thirst!
You soaks getting back to the flags they look fantastic.  We will be discussing a ride banner of some sort at our next Committee meeting on Aug 19th.....lol
I think these would look great Greg, and easy to roll up and store in the glove box.

Hate to be a dissenting voice here but have to say I'm not a fan.

I know I'm an irregular Vespa rider but don't really see the need. How many ceremonial occasions, are there?

Are not the badges and stickers enough branding of who we are as a club?

Our biggest brand/branding is the sight of multiple Vespas riding together or parked together.

After all, it's all about the ride.




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