Hi all,

I'm off to Adelaide for Easter (to visit family etc..) and was thinking of taking the GTS300 which I've clocked ~2500 klms since buying in Oct 2017.

Was interested in hearing members advice on how to prepare / what to take / what to avoid from experience as it will be my longest ride to date...

I'm confident the bike is up to it and I'm pretty fit too and had a motorcycle licence for 25+ years. Always cautious and alert on the road.. 

I'll be leaving 5:00am Good Friday and would like to be rolling into Adelaide about 3:00pm (~10hrs later).... doable?

Any input is welcomed from long haul riders out there!

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Hi Andrew

Greg and I have ridden up to Nhill a few times over Xmas hols and we have also aborted a ride due to shocking weather.  That will be the main thing you need to look out for as it is NOT fun riding in high cross winds which is usually the case out on that flat terrain. 

Pack for all weather and factor in rest stops along the way...  riding any distance on a vespa you need to add about 2 hours minimum to your total riding time, as weather will slow you down as we have all found out on the big rides.  Pack a puncture kit also.

The other things will be holiday traffic which you might beat leaving so early, and there is freeway til about 20kms out of Ararat now plus it is 110kms. Trucks will be the other buffeting factor and you will need to be very careful of kangaroos especially at dawn and dusk...and I mean very careful so that will slow you down a bit also.

Otherwise just enjoy, be very careful and watchful.

Hope that helps and doesn't put you off...  

Cheers Julie

Hi Andrew, the only other thing I would recommend is to take regular breaks every 1-2 hours, take off your helmet, stretch your legs and rub your bottom. Long rides on a motorcycle are far more fatiguing than in a car as our brain is working overtime to process lots of visual input to keep ourselves safe. Towards the end of the day when you are pushing yourself to get to your destination is the most dangerous part of the ride as the brain does become tired. As Julie says a $30 puncture kit might get you out of trouble. Compressed air squirts gunk into the tyre which hopefully blocks the hole as it re-inflates it. No doubt your Vespa will get you there so have a great adventure, David

Thanks Julie & David for the input - though not put off I'll keep thinking about it as I need to get there in under 10 hrs and be fresh on arrival (hard to do on a Vespa me thinks). Weather, animals and concentration are all negative factors...


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