Just fitted a SIP Road 2 exhaust to my PX, and apart from the extra noise, there's a noticeable increase in power. Thanks to Brenton at GPS Imports for the good deal, and to Derek at Scooterlabs for the fit.

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Yes they are great Greg. I've got one as have a number of other classic owners in the club but I think yours is the only chrome one in VCoM. Nice even spread of power. Any other performance enhancing mods to Sputnik?

Yes I had the air filter - 'two hole' drilled. It's a pretty zippy bike now.

Hey David, did you have a look at Gazi's bike? I saw it parked in the showroom at Vespa House last week.

the chrome looks great as well, can't wait to see how it runs now !

It runs ziippier..... the chrome looks OK but not that you can really see it - I just wanted the black one, but it wan't in GPS stock. However, both Derek and I agree that the chrome adds an extra note to the noise level (?) ha ha

The Chrome exhausts have no packing...so they will be louder. Can't chrome dip an exhaust with packing inside.

I have the chrome version on my VBC, as well.  A bit louder than the black version. I have had several comments on how it sounds, all good ones. Does require earplugs on longer rides though, especially if wearing an open face helmet.


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