Hi Guys

I have a problem with my GT200 - issue is the engine would cut out due to fuel starvation and would restart after several cranks but die again when throttle was opened up.

I believed it was a vacuum fuel issue as all electrics and the engine would run after cranking her back up until opening the throttle However after getting home the scoot wouldn't crank over or start up....now my trouble really begin through having ago to fix the issue.

I set about replacing the vacuum fuel pump with a new one as it was just a couple of screws and 3pipes (fuel and breather) lines to be removed in changing over.

when replacing the 3 pipe lines on the new fuel vacuum pump I got the fuel line connection mixed up with the breather line therefore putting the fuel line on the breather connection and vis versa and cranked her over 3 times only to see fuel flooding out of the air box as a result of my pipe line mix up.I couldn't stop the fuel from leaking out and Im sure with the amount of fuel that I have captured in a bucket overnight the fuel tank may be close to empty.

I reversed the pipe line connection to re-address my mistake and have removed the air box cover to clean and dry out the air box and replaced the air filter with a new one.

Before I take another step does anyone have any advice as to where to from here

any thoughts greatly appreciated...or just take it to a mechanic.


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I'm always hesitant to give technical advice because of limited knowledge and also it is hard to diagnose things remotely.

Just reading what you say I couldn't tell whether you've thought of changing the spark plug in case it's breaking down under load.


Hi Bob

my many thanks for your due consideration to my mechanical problem and providing your thoughts I will change the spark plug over as I have a new one and have not looked at the spark plug as a possibility. cheers Mike


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