I've just bought a twist and go but without a brown key and with only a blue. Roberto, as he has when I've been tinkering, pointed out the costly folly of my ways. #$@*&!  Can anybody in the Club suggest a keysmith who can clone my blue key? 

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Yes. You need a locksmith with a transponder to read the chip in the key. We have used Gibson’s locksmith in Moonee Ponds. Cost you about 100 dollars. But it will only ever be a copy of the blue key - not the master programming key.

Thanks Greg, did they come to you for this price to do you have to take the scooter there?

I went to them. There must be someone close to you cutting modern chipped car keys

Try Speedy Locksmiths in Warragul


Just found this guy:  Alex Hoskin of Galmier Locksmith. 0407 022234.

He works on site and he came to my shop to copy a blue key.

Very good service...$180

I had a spare blue key cut/copied from one of those kiosks in a shopping centre $120. They just copied/cloned the blue key

Hi Tufan, good to know. I  think I paid a premium for the mobile service and for the keysmith to go to Roberto's workshop.

Not sure if it applies in Australia, but according to posters on Modern Vespa, any place that can clone Fiat keys can also clone Vespa keys.


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