I was casually watching an old film made by the Commonwealth Film Unit in 1962 about Australian Railways, as one does. As I watched the Ghan pull out of Alice Springs, I spotted a red thing at 16 mins 25 secs. I rolled back to discover it was a Lambretta Scooter. A Lammy in Alice in 1962! Think of that!

Stay tuned to this video after the Lammy appears for the next sequence about the "Tea and Sugar" train which not only brought supplies to remote central Australian communities but a bank, health and chest X-ray services. Hmm the common-wealth seemed to be better shared in those days. I also discovered that Australia used to make things like locomotives and carriages which were also exported. Gosh, sometimes I think our country is going backwards. Ha ha.

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Great Spotto David.

I have seen a few scooters in some old Melbourne W Class Tram footage on you tube .

I’ll see if I can find it again 

Not a great pic but scooting past in a blink of the eye on the far right , 7:03 in 

Great historical reference to old Melbourne , buildings, roads, airport, service stations and more.https://youtu.be/_gc9z2OS0AI

Sorry I cannot upload the image :(

Thanks for this post Lisa. Considering that all 46 minutes of this film is about traffic, its surprising how few two-wheeled vehicles make an appearance. However after one month of careful analysis of the footage frame-by-frame, I believe I have discovered two more scooters. At 32:57 there is a Vespa scooter behind a tram. Hey, it could be me! I was around then and I had a blue-grey VB1. At 37:10 the rear of a white Vespa can be seen receding into the distance. Of course these pixelised blurry blobs may just be a figment of my imagination. 

Of other interest was:

1:16 - a pair riding a horse near the Essendon airport!!!

4:44 - the old wooden tram bridge across the Maribyrnong River

10:09 - unsupervised kids playing on the tram tracks 

14:00 - the “Newsday” tram. That was an evening paper Melbourne used to have. It didn’t last long.

19:10 - the old Batman Road tram terminus, now Birrarung Marr

30:30 - kids cycling in the middle of the tram tracks along St Georges Road

34:44 - the “Briquettes” tram

Briquettes were things from Yallorn made from compressed brown coal. You chucked them in the fireplace to keep warm during winter. Just about every suburban railway station that had a good siding sold them in a hessian bag.

The video jogs plenty of memories. Thanks again Lisa

Great observations David 

Yes it was you on the VB1 

Sure of it 

The kids playing on the tram tracks and riding bikes in the middle of the road 

did appeal to me too .

Thank goodness for tram, and train “nutters” recording all this wonderful footage .

Says the Vespa Nutter trawling for Vespa’s :) 

Great history 

Agreed David , plenty of memories here

Oh YES!  Here is the ASIO enhanced image of David on his VB1. 

This thread is priceless.... great find and well what can I say David..that just has to be you :)


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