Hi, has anyone purchased scooter accessories online from S.I.P Germany?

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Hi Jo. sIP are a reputable mail order business, fast and efficient. You just have to juggle the exchange rate and pay post from Germany I always start first with GPS imports here in Vic. Www.gpsimports.com.au
If it is in stock you will get it after a week and postage is free on orders above $100.
Thanks Greg, I will have a look

Hi Jo- have used and continue to use SIP- 6 days from Germany to my door here in Melb. and able to track my goodies all the way here- No Issues!!

GPS is one of the clubs Sponsors:)

GPS Batch order- and when they open the container- they get what they get- your part may/may not be in that shipment.

All the best see you on a Club Ride- Luke M

Thanks Luke. I’ve put an order in. Hopefully I won’t get charged any tax.

Have bought from GPS and SIP.

....my wife calls the SIP catalog "scooter porn"

Front racks for our his and hers GTS 300's arrived fom SIP today along with a Vespa rubber ducky.


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