I am hoping that someone can share some tips on hiring a Vespa in Rome when my wife and I visit in September. We are seeking something simple (auto, 150cc+) to look around Rome for 1 day (or 2 days if I can arrange safe overnight scooter storage).

Topics of interest include:

= reputable hire companies (willing to pay appropriately for a hassle-free quality scooter).

= suggestions on places to visit by scooter that aren’t too onerous to get to.

= general tips on hiring a scooter, helmets, etc.

= although I am experienced with RHS of road driving/riding any advice on doing this around Rome would be appreciated as I have not driven there for many years.

Thanks in advance for any advice - it will be much appreciated.



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Hi Andrew

We have ridden in Italy and also hired as well.

Firstly, you'll find that hiring a Vespa is very expensive, mainly due to the insurance premium attached. Expect to pay 80-100 Euro per day.

There are many scooter hire businesses. Nearly all of them cater for the tourist market, that is for tourists living their "Roman Holiday' without riding licences. It's legal to ride in Italy up to 125cc with only a car licence - so most of the Vespa for hire are automatic 125cc, and plenty of them are dropped and scraped damaged. Shop around before you leave, and find a rental who will supply you with a larger cc engine, and get the rental confirmed in writing before you leave home.

Make sure your travel insurance covers you for riding a motorcycle, and also up to the cc you will be riding.

Otherwise, it's a great place to ride.

Thanks for the advice Greg, it will definitely help me shape what we do there and how I approach booking something. Per your Roman Holiday comments, perhaps I should also be hunting down a ‘Joe Bradley’ suit to wear while there!

Tripadvisor link for rental hire

You might like to have a read here also Andrew. 

One other thing is that Greg and I always get an International Drivers Licence $37 from RACV, make sure they mark both Driver and Rider boxes.  It is only valid for one year and we have had to use it.  Once again check your Insurance cover. 

We have used RACV or Insure and Go when we know we are riding.

Some of our members have ridden there, we just sat and watched the chaos LOL but hopefully they might also add their experiences for you.

Cheers Julie

Thanks Julie. I have now read through many of the comments in the link you provided, and they offer plenty of info. I agree re having an International Drivers Licence (my current licence is still valid), especially as it clearly specifies that a ‘bike rider’ is licensed, which is a bit cryptic on our plastic Vic licences. Insurance cover is also in place with bike riding cover (all based around being appropriately licensed, as you would know). We do not have overly ambitious plans with our riding, so (as you mentioned) we may also have plenty of laughs sitting at cafes watching the traffic and Italy’s totally mad approach to parking! Thanks again!


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