Hi all. 

Apologies for being so ignorant of these mechanical / technical things but my battery is dead and I need to replace it. 

I've pulled out the battery and it's a Yuasa YTX12-BS.

I've looked it up and also found some alternatives like the Katana YTX12-BS.

Any advice on this exercise from anyone? Good alternatives? Makes to avoid? Did I read correctly about having to "activate" the battery? If so, what's that?

Thanks in advance. 


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Hi Dom

Give Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings in Spotswood a call.

They'll pick your bike up and install a new battery in no time, and even deliver it back to you.

And they are now regularly servicing and repairing modern Vespa.


‘Activate’ is new speak for charge it!

After replacing buy a trickle charger; new ones have a digital meter telling you the batteries health - very occasional maintain - put it on the charger over night. It will top it up, takes the guess work of how’s that old or new battery going
And having said it’s ‘a new’ 300 GTS

Maybe take it back to your dealer? That you bought it from....
A GTS with a ‘flat bat’ is a little unusual

Given that didn’t somehow didn’t ride, left it on and walked away from it....

New bikes come with come with a lovely warranty.

If there’s a bigger problem than just a flat bat, your warranty most like cover ‘the non charging problem’

Hi John

Followed the Club's advise and went through Fairings in Spotswood. They were great and "activated" it for me. 




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