Members renewing their membership after one year receive a metal enamel club badge. They are high quality cast, about the size of a 20 cent piece, and chromed.

Members renewing after their second year receive one of our new resin bike badges, especially manufactured for the Vespa Club of Melbourne. They are an automotive (external environment) badge, 2 inches diameter, and the glue is automotive grade and waterproof. It will stick fast to an external metal surface.


Your renewal date is the expiry date printed on your card.

Members who can't wait for their badge can of course renew early.

If you really want to renew early, then please fill out this form, select 'save and send', and email to

You will receive your renewal kit, including the new badge and fresh membership card, by mail within the week

Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm and support for this great Club.

Below: new resin scooter badge on Mike's bike.

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Thank you very much to Con C of Richmond - renewing his membership today

Thanks to Clinton F of South Melbourne who has renewed membership for another year

Thanks to two more of our long term members who have renewed for a further year.



and Frank P of Carlton.


Thanks very much and see you on the road really soon.

Thank ypu very much to Charlie S of Flemington - renewed today

Thanks to Sheryl T of Freshwater Creek who has renewed her membership today.

Thanks very much to these members who have renewed membership for a further year.


Rolf G of Bayswater

Tanya M of Southbank

Peter m of Carlton

and Leo V of Geelong West

Thank you very much to Phil D of Hadfield who has renewed his membership today

Thank you very much to Mark and Disha of Doncaster who have renewed their membership

many thanks to all thos who have renewed their memberships for another year over the past month. The response has been overwhelming:

Mark D  

Kate R and Charlie  

Michele H

Kenn W

Kerryn W

Daniel J

Meridee F

Alan H

Mark H

Paul B

Gordon D

Tracy B

Robert D

and David W

Another great year of riding ahead.

Thank you everyone for wanting to continue being part of such an amazing club.


Cheers Julie


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