Hello. I have just purchased a classic 1966 Vespa Super and it didn’t come with a manual. I have downloaded one but thought I would ask the experts on here what the mix is for petrol and oil. What oil is the best to use or should I just use a two stroke mix at a service station? I look forward to your answers. Regards,Pauline 

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Hi Pauline, the correct oil/petrol mix for your Super is 2% or 50:1. Use a high quality 2 stroke oil like Castrol ACTIV.

To make measuring the correct ratio easy and headache free, invest in a 2% measuring cup available locally online from GPS Imports for just $3. There will be a $10 delivery charge but it will arrive within a few days of ordering.


Have fun on your Super, David

Could we have Club certified 2% measuring cups as club merchandise?

Perhaps as a set to use as shot glasses too.


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