Question for the true historians.

Working on my Arcobaleno I noticed there are no holes in the headset upper for mirrors. Is this an aftermarket headset or was there a model or version that came out with the mirrors mounted elsewhere ? 

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Hi Anthony, your model like mine has two holes on each side underneath the cast alloy headset. These are for accessories like mirrors and a windscreen. You just need two brackets like this to bolt on the mirrors:

Hi David, yes mine has the holes in the lower headset and one bracket and one mirror on the RHS. So our model had no holes in the upper headset piece. Thanks for that.

hi David,

we had a pair of these on one of our PX's last year, and the RH one fatigued and cracked right through.

Lucky i spotted it while washing the bike, or it would have come off while riding.

I had a set on another bike years ago that was pressed and had right angle form on its edges. i think It absorbed the vibrations better, as I had no problems with those.

Hi Anthony I have a left and right chrome mirror brackets that may do the job I want $15 for both


Thankyou Keith that is very kind of you to offer. I like the chrome finish. However I will need the four hole version as I am going to trial a screen on this one.

Theres a 4 hole version!—Extra mirrors...


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