I just installed an Arrow exhaust and it's louder than expected (I haven't even removed the db killer / baffle).  Sounds more like a small dirt bike :-)

53525ANN + 53072MI


$559 from Italy https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ARROW-HOM-NOCAT-FULL-EXHAUST-URBAN-BLAC...

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Looks nice Louis, and the motto is "heard to be seen"....:)  

a little update:

I replaced the t-bolt hose clamp that connects the mid pipe to the header as it had a lump on the inside and I felt therefore was not applying equal pressure around the pipe.  Also reset the ecu.  Sounds way better, not dirty like before.  still a bit loud so am ordering the catalytic converter which should quiet it a bit (about $300!)


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