Got a pinasco clutch drive plate/gear with 24 teeth (std is 23) to make gearing a bit higher. Fitted it on to my P200E by just removing clutch (no case split). Has made a bit of a difference in the rpm/speed and is an improvement overall, but only by about 5%. Was worth doing I think for highway riding cos motor is not so busy. Reason for the post is to see if anybody else has done this? I have noticed that on deceleration/over-run there is a distinct gear noise audible. Not too bad, but it's there. The part is compatible with standard corona gear 65T. Now I'm wondering if there is a gear mesh problem, which would cause noise, and probably damage the carona gear. Any thoughts?? 

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I am doing a similar change to my 150 Super rebuild. 22/67 to a 23/67.The extra tooth on the clutch will make the gears mesh differently, hence the extra noise. Wear will be increased but I am told that it's not significantly more. Good oil and regular oil changes helps.

Great thanks Darren. That's kind of what I figured, and wasn't sure about the wear factor. I spoke to the manufacturers and they said they had no reports of same, but they would say that of course. Its certainly worth doing I thought cos drops the rpm a bit on highway, and steep hills that was 4th, now 3rd, but overall an improvement for me. The gear is supposed to be cut appropriately to mesh with corona gear but not sure that can work easily. Have just changed the gear oil but haven't tried since. I guess it's really about how bad the extra wear is, and only way to know it from somebody that has done it. Cheers PaulB


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