I occasionally see people write up negative experiences with suppliers, so I thought it only fair and ethical we also highlight when a supplier gets it right.

Ok up front we need to admit that this particular supplier is a sponsor of the club, and the club has always been very proud and lucky to have them on board.   

However you also need to know I am a Service Manager by profession. So I am a little more sensitive to not being reasonably looked after when I give people my hard earned money. As my name is stamped all over the comment you can trust I will give you an unbiased account. So to the story...

Having recently discovered the fuel pump in my GTS 300 had an issue, I called Peter Stevens to see if there was any chance it was covered under the recall.

The guy who answered apologized and said he wasn't sure off the top of his head as he had to take my VIN number and look up the list. He then asked for my number and promised to call me back.  

He rang back less than 30 minutes later and confirmed not only that it was covered, but that he gone to the trouble of also checking the parts were in stock. So I could book it in whenever it suited me. No sighs, no complaining, no excuses, no hassles.  

Now as a Service Manager, I am quite happy with that level of service.

Not because they are a sponsor, not because they agreed to fix the fuel pump, but because it was actually good.

I hope you all have the same experience with Peter Stevens as i did.  


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Good one Anthony. What a great result for you.

Thanks Anthony


It is always nice to hear a positive story and that you will have your bike up and running smoothly soon. 

So glad you got home safely, potato salad and all....LOL.....


Cheers Julie

Well done Anthony. I rang Peter Stevens Dandenong yesterday looking for a battery to suit the GTS250. First I was put through to the Harley spares. Then put through to the workshop. Then got put through to accessories. Then I hung up after being on hold for 6 minutes.

I rang Peter Stevens in the city, and had an answer for my battery within 1 minute. Guess it depends what store you ring

sorry mate, maybe I should have mentioned I went to the city service centre in my comment and you would not have had the run around from the Dandenong one...

In defence of the Dandenong store.....I can only heap praise on them. Especially Mitch, the salesperson whom I dealt with.

Being a first time bike buyer, and having decided on the GTS300ie SS, purely because it was matt black and orange, and not even having a bike licence, I was prime fodder to be shafted. I was dissuaded from buying everything I thought I needed (I love accessories!), and shown the minimum safety gear I needed etc. They even helped me with finding a test centre to get my license.

However, I was so well looked after, I can only recommend them. So I guess, like EVERYTHING in life, it comes down to the person you deal with, and the success of that interaction.

The only downside for me, living in Mt Martha, is the distance I'll have to ride to get the first service at 800k's!


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