Someone bought up how to mount your gps and/or iPhone a while back, here's the answer! you can also add speakers, a cup holder and whatever else takes your fancy

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Brilliant. Not for rainy days though.


I reckon if you were going to that much trouble, you'd have a wet weather optional cover

and a place to sit your take away coffee in :)


I like the coffee table effect.... all it needs is an ashtray insert - great for a long ride

There has been a call for ash trays on motorcycles for years, the manufacturers just aren't listening.

on long trips you could even incorporate a stable table for your dinner plate...this is a can of worms...

And could we add the ice bucket for the white wine/champers? oh and a long straw for
The joy is nothing is out of the question.
this reminds me of the Simpsons'  episode where Homer designs the ultimate "family" car. he just kept adding stuff and the car kept getting bigger :)
Oh yeah I used to eat my dinner off one of these whilst watching TV.



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