I have a px200, it has developed an il leak from the gear box, any ideas?. Its dripping when running only or shortly after on the wheel side. 


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Could it be that the auto lube two stroke oil is leaking off the gearbox from the carburetor area?

Thanks the carb is clean had a look yesterday. Ir could it leak externally?

You could clean down the motor with some spray brake cleaner then check the colour of the oil the gear box could be discoloured and the auto lube should be keen oil.

Ik thanks il have a go later, And what to do if its either of them?

post a picture perhaps and take some of the guess work out of it.

mind you - if your having trouble working it out - would you have the tools & skills to be able to fix it?

just sayin, respectfully.... from a technical perspective

I think the gear box was overfiled with oil. 

And as for tools and skill, depends what tools are needed and how tricky the job is i suppose. 


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