This message has been emailed to everyone (1600 people) who are registered on this website. Members - we'll have more information about the new website in the new year.

"Hello there

You are one of 1600 registered users on our website

In January 2021 we will be upgrading this website and migrating it to a modern platform, fully integrated with social media, and friendlier for mobile phone use. Not all current registered users will be transferred.

If you have not logged into our website for the last two years, then your registration will be deleted. That is, all the personal information you submitted, and everything you uploaded to the website will be deleted.

What you need to do by January 5th:

If you are a current financial member of the club? Nothing. Your profile and registration will be transferred along with your current login and password.

If you have recently joined the site or regularly login as a guest? Nothing. Your profile and registration will be transferred along with your current login and password.

If you want to retain your registration after a long period of absence? LOGIN.  Using your original email address as the user name.

If you choose to allow your registration to lapse, we thank you for your past interest and participation in the club. Of course, you would be welcome to register with us again in the future.

Yours sincerely

Julie Pond

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Hi there

As previously advised we are now proceeding with the development of our new website.

All our current financial members, and guests who have registered within the past two years, will automatically be transferred to the new website.

If you are a guest on our website, and you have not logged in for the past two years, then your registration will be deleted in the next couple of days as we prepare for the migration. Thank you very much for your past interest in the club. But, if you live in Victoria, and still own a Vespa, then you are welcome to join the club as a financial member.

The application form is here:

Thanks again for your interest in our club.

The admin team.

Members will notice some changes to the website over the next week as we prepare for a migration of the current site to a new website.

There will be a new membership category of 'GUEST' to signify that a user on the site is not a financial member.

Many 'GUESTS' who have not been active on the site - for longer than two years - will be deleted.

Some pages and tabs will be modified or deleted.

The new website won't be launched (and the current site deleted) until we are satisfied that everything is working.

Wait for news of the launch!


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