Hello everyone...thought I'd join because I'm interested in buying an older Piaggio to restore and tinker around with. Been riding motorcycles most of my life. It will be quite a change hopping from 2,3L bike onto 0,2L but I've always loved the smell of two stroke in the morning. 

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Hi Jason,

Welcome to the club.

Classic Vespas can be divided into the following: Large frame, Small frame, or Wide frame. 

Large frame is the easiest to tinker with, Small frame is the most rewarding and Wide frame is the coolest. 

Your pick!

Thanks Rolf

The hunt is on. Not much in my price range so I'll have to go back to the minister of finance and increase the budget!

Hi Jason, how old a bike are you looking for? I have a 2007 LX50 that needs some TLC as she is reliable for being unreliable. I’ve upgraded to a new 150.

Hi Andrea

Thanks for the reply. I’ve already purchased a Vespa, a PX150 that I’ve been enjoying on the road and tinkering in the garage.

Having said that, I’m always up for a project. Send me more details please.


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