New Key Rings: Free Lockdown special for members

Our new VCoM key rings have arrived! They're the new cog logo and they look fantastic.

As a Lockdown special for our members we'll post you one free if you want one!

Just to make you feel better while we're unable to ride!

How do you get one?

EMAIL: with the header "I want one!", and we'll get one out to you as quick as a flash.

This offer open to members for the duration of the emergency.

Did we say that you have to be a member?

Be the first kid on the block...

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We have had such an amazing response from members wanting one of these fabulous key rings.  If you haven't sent us an email yet then do it now Subject line "I want one"

We just want you to know that we absolutely appreciate your support and we can't wait till this passes so we can get together again.

We hope you are all doing OK, please let us know if you need any help and we will see what we can do. 

Please all take great care, stay at home if you can.

To all our nurses, police, fireys, and all other essential services members, we thank you and hope you all keep safe.

From Julie and Greg

Got my key ring today!    THANKYOU Vespa Club Melbourne.

Been going stir crazy with cabin fever so I shouted out into the void of the internet thingy, "I WANT ONE!".

Today it came and my fever has broken. The new keyring looks good enough to eat. I think its made from marshmallow. My old one however, looks like it needs a good wash with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser... but then why waste good alcohol? - glug, glug glug. Thank you VCoM.

Yes, I think they look like lollies.

Have you requested one of these yet?  We have enough for all our members so send your email now. :)

MEMBERS - have you got yours yet?

Thanks - Ordered mine today :-)


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