Hi everyone.

We need eight people to work as official corner markers on the day.

Preferably you are riding from Yarraville to Yarraville.

This year we are hoping to ensure that there's only 1 corner to mark each, at each leg of the ride - so there shouldn't be a need to work your way back to the front during the ride of that leg.

At the moment we have:

1. Pete Zimm

2. Noel Wilson

3. Dee Princi

4. Stephen Lacey

5. Jenni De Keyzer

6. Phil Lees (St Kilda - Yarraville)

7. Imam Wahyudi (St Kilda - Yarraville)

8. Leonie Bowers-Taylor (Yarraville - Sorrento)

9. James Avery (Yarraville - Sorrento)

10. Steven Daglas (Geelong - Geelong)

11. Gail Veal (St Kilda - Yarraville)


Please leave your name as a comment below.

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I'll corner mark again, starting from St Kilda and ending at Yarraville. 

Thanks Phil

We’re still looking for Round The Bay volunteer corner markers, in particular people who will ride the whole circuit from Yarraville to Yarraville as a core team.

Still looking for corner markers who can do the ride Yarraville to Yarraville.  Please let us know if you can help.

Still need a couple more corner markers if you can help out...

We'd like to finalize our list next week. Can you help?


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