Ok post a pic of a part, classic or modern and see who knows what it is and then they get to post.

Sort of a 'bad weather indoor tag' of sorts.....

Here is an easy one

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The Classic Crew will have it in a blink; I don't have too many parts lying around.

Spot on. Just bought a Triumph Bonneville so the Classic is on hold at the moment.

Well done Steve, any chance of a gander on Sunday?

Don't get it til Monday ( RWC), Rob. This is it. ( hope the moderator doesn't delete this non Vespa pic.) The red 250 stays; Vespas still rule! It's a 2007 T100 with plenty of extras.

Is the dog one of the extras?

And I suspect the moderator won't delete a Triumph pic!

See you Sunday on the GoldWing...

I sincerely hope it's the only dog in the picture!

Nice one Steve.

Lovin' the green. congrats.

Congrats Steve, great looking beast!

Now you can be both Mod and Rocker, is that a Modker or a Rod ?

Tony, not sure what it's called but it looks like the seat bolt that the seat latches on to.
If that's right I may have to go home and pull a part off the PX for the next pic!
And like the idea of a Triumph thread, or maybe our other playthings that are not vespas!


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