Here's a new game resurrected, and here's how to play.

A member puts up a picture of a part.

You name the part and the bike it belongs to.

Once it's confirmed... it's your turn to put something up.

Oooo.. it could get very obscure.


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slelenium rectifier for battery charging on an pre 70's Vespa at a guess....

Hi John, you’ve resurrected this game once more after a 5 year hiatus. I know what this is. It’s not a part though, its a technical drawing. Am I right? Am I right?

6volt Selenium Rectifier correct! 

Positive earth battery models 1946 to 1955-ish and correct technical drawing (page 89 electrical systems - The Cassel Book of the Vespa 1951 to 60 Sydney F Page) 

- the only person I know with this as a physically working part of their (douglas) Vespa is Marcellinus Blanks. Selenium a rare earth element, used within recifier highly susceptible to heat, cold and time - and old parts go expensive at £180+ Used

so your both right! Next over to you


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